Successful Investors First, Experienced Advisors Now

Our investment experience makes us different from other Retirement Professionals. We have seen and experienced the ups and downs of the market, suffered from loss and enjoyed gains using our personal assets. Before we became experienced advisors, we were successful investors first. We have years of experience investing in real estate, stocks, bonds, ETF’s, mutual funds, small businesses, hedge funds and alternative investments. Through this experience, we have become experts in managing financial portfolios, financial planning and risk management.

Small client list, Exceptional Service

At Safe Harbor Finance & Insurance, we maintain a small client to advisor ratio to ensure that we uphold our commitment to excellence and personalized service. You benefit by retaining a dedicated financial advisor that’s always available to serve you. You receive unparalleled accessibility, proactive communication and exemplary service.

What we Promise

We are serious about what we do. We promise you integrity, full disclosure, financial competency and availability at all times.

Integrity – We pride ourselves on our work ethic, our honest, straightforward approach, and will work for your financial best interests at all times.

Competency – at Safe Harbor Finance & Insurance, we have more than 25 years of investing and financial planning experience. We have invested in various types of securities and markets, including real estate, stocks, bonds, businesses, bear markets, bull markets, flat markets and more.

Availability – We only serve a select number of clients. This allows us to become available to you anytime you need us. Have questions? Want to review your plans? Need to brainstorm options? We will be there for you – whenever you need us!