Insurance Products

Insurance Products

Safe Harbor Finance & Insurance offers a number of insurance products to fit your retirement planning needs. We will help you select the insurance products that suit your personal circumstances, while providing a simple, well-guided and conservative approach.

Retirees and soon-to-be-retirees need a guaranteed stream of income to compensate for the monthly paychecks they will no longer receive. While various investment vehicles, such as a 401(k), pensions and IRAs, can provide income, they are still tied to the stock market, making them susceptible to fluctuations. We will help you focus on products that guarantee principal protection. We take a holistic approach to money to help you reach the retirement you envision. We will discuss with you the following areas in utilizing insurance products:

  • What is an annuity and how can it work with my retirement plan?
  • Do I need life insurance?
  • What is my risk tolerance?
  • How important is principal protection to me?

We will work hand in hand with you. Our process is simple. We will review your objectives and goals to understand how we can provide customized insurance solutions to help you enjoy the retirement lifestyle you deserve.

Insurance product guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing company.