Life Insurance

It’s never a fun prospect to contemplate one’s own mortality, but this is a mistake and it can lead to far more hardship than simply discussing it outright. This mainly has to do with preparing for a future where you aren’t around, one that is especially important if you have children or others who are dependent on you.

Life insurance is one of the safest methods to provide for your heirs and other potential dependents. Just as life happens so, too, does death, and it is not a conveniently timed process – preparation is the only defense, and life insurance is a powerful form of defense.

You can pick and choose numerous types of life insurance, including the amount that will be paid out, when and how often it will be paid out, and to whom it will be paid out to. The amount of coverage that you need from a life insurance policy is entirely dependent on the type of income that you have, and what would need to be replaced if you were no longer around. On top of that, when picking a policy there are other details that have to be taken into account. These details range from how much debt you owe, funeral and estate costs, and other factors that might not yet be known.

At Safe Harbor Financial Investments, we can help guide you through the various policies available, and the type that will best suit your needs. The two types of life insurance policy include term life insurance, (which provides coverage during a specific period of time and hinges potential payouts on whether you were to pass during this period) and whole life insurance (which provides coverage for your entire life, as long as you continue to pay the premiums). The type of policy that you need is reliant on a number of factors, all of which we at Safe Harbor Financial Investments can help you pinpoint.

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